Gracie is now 13 years old!

For nine years she's eaten REAL, HOMEMADE FOOD, NOT commercial dog food. This blog shows how easy it is to be a DOGGIE CHEF and how healthy a home-fed dog can be.

November 25, 2010

11-19-10 Autumn, Age 11

In 1913 American poet Alfred Joyce Kilmer wrote, "I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree..."

I would add, "or a dog..."

Although I took these photos of Gracie Nov. 19, I'm posting them today, Nov. 25, 2010, which happens to be Thanksgiving Day where we live.

When life's troubles get in my way I try to remember the things I can be thankful for. Gracie is definitely at the top of my list. She's the physical presence of love, loyalty and fun.

And in my eyes she rivals the most colorful autumn trees to represent nature's beauty.

[Taking Gracie's picture by this tree as the seasons change has become a tradition for us (see her photos from autumn 2009 and spring 2010).]


  1. That is beautiful. I am extremely thankful for all of my dogs. Your pictures are wonderful.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for becoming a member of my blog! I appreciate it greatly!