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October 5, 2010

SOME Chinese Takeout 10-5-10

You're probably asking yourself, "What kind of Doggie Chef feeds a beloved pooch Chinese takeout?" Please note this post's title is, "SOME Chinese Takeout." And look carefully at Gracie's bowl of food pictured above. Most of her meal is homemade fare: chicken and brown rice (there's more brown rice concealed under the fried rice you see pictured).

Yes, I did share my dinner with Gracie this past weekend when I had Chinese takeout. Takeout and any kind of fast food is nothing I want to feed my dog (or myself) on a regular basis. Yet occasionally I enjoy it very much. Gracie can see and sense my enjoyment and it's only natural for her to want to be part of the fun. And it's only natural for me to want to share with her. I'm sure Gracie thought last weekend's Chinese takeout smelled irresistible. I knew if I didn't give her some she'd watch me eat with sad, hopeful eyes while droplets of drool fell from her mouth. So I incorporated some Chinese takeout into Gracie's dinner for the evening. To home-cooked chicken and brown rice I added some pork fried rice, some chopped broccoli, a few bean sprouts and two sesame shrimp with most of their battered coatings removed.

I don't bring takeout or fast food home very often. Yet when I do, Gracie gets a bite of whatever it is. In the past she's eaten some of my burgers, french fries, pizza, and a bit of meat, vegetables and rice from Mexican takeout. From Chinese takeout Gracie's eaten fried rice and some meat, vegetables or seafood.

I want to make it clear that Gracie eats takeout and fast food VERY RARELY. She turned 11 years old this year and most of her meals are comprised of home-cooked, whole foods. And when I share takeout or fast food with her, I don't give her much.

There's no way I could sit and eat a meal in front of my best friend without offering a morsel.  I share my food with Gracie because it wouldn't taste as good to me if I didn't.

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