Gracie is now 13 years old!

For nine years she's eaten REAL, HOMEMADE FOOD, NOT commercial dog food. This blog shows how easy it is to be a DOGGIE CHEF and how healthy a home-fed dog can be.

September 7, 2010

Gracie's STILL full of energy!

I had a lot of fun taking action photos of Gracie in the yard this past weekend. Well into her 11th year, Gracie is still full of vitality. She's ALWAYS ready to play. Even the very hot days we had this summer didn't seem to dampen her desire to play outside.

I'm certain her good health at this age is due to the homemade meals she's eaten every day for so many years. I hope these photos of my strong, active 11-year-old dog will help others see the benefits of being a Doggie Chef. It's truly rewarding to feed a beloved pet homemade meals!

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