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June 22, 2010

A New Shower Stall For Gracie

We finally replaced our clawfoot tub with a tiled shower stall!
In the coming years it might be easier for an aging dog (and aging people!) to get in and out of a shower stall.

I thought "bathing" Gracie in a shower stall would be easier on my back than "bathing" her in a clawfoot tub. It's not! I kneel in front of the shower stall and Gracie moves as far away from me as she can, so it's still a chore to get the job done well. At least a tiled shower stall and tiled bathroom floor make bath time easier and less messy.

Gracie never takes "baths." She doesn't like to stand in water. She's always preferred showers. Click here to see a photo of Gracie getting washed in our old clawfoot tub.  The photo below shows Gracie in the new shower stall:
Can you tell she's not impressed with the new tiles?

I can't say enough nice things about the Rinse Ace Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer I use to wash Gracie. It makes bath time so much easier and faster. It's a hand-held shower head with an 8-foot hose. It attaches to a sink or shower faucet. You might have to take a trip to the hardware store to get an extra fitting. If you have the kind of water faucets that mix hot and cold water you might want to buy a separate valve to control the water pressure as it comes out of the Rinse Ace.

This handy device has an on/off push button and a little catch that allows you to keep the spray on continuously without pushing the button. It makes it so easy to wet Gracie down quickly, rinse her off thoroughly, and carefully wash her head without getting water or soap in her eyes. Here's a photo of my Rinse Ace Pet Sprayer:

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  1. I have a clawfoot tub too! and while some think it's "pretty" to look at, I HATE it! I hope to someday be able to afford a deep shower stall or even a bathtub/shower combo and I would be so happy!
    I agree about getting old and getting into that thing! Lucky for me, in the boarding area where I work at, has a walk-in shower area to bathe the big dogs and also a deep sink for smaller ones. I wash my dogs, even Blue pretty often because I let them on the furniture and my bed and I want them to be clean. I use Baby Shampoo and I like to use that cheap VO5 conditioner as a creme rinse. It makes their coats so soft and they seem GREAT!
    I'm loving your blog! - Cindi