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June 1, 2010

Heartgard Plus

I brought Gracie to our vet this past week for her annual heartworm test and check up.
(Click here to read how I've handled Gracie's heartworm preventive routine in the past.)

After talking with our vet I decided to give Gracie the recommended Heartgard Plus preventive through the summer. Our vet gave me a convincing pamphlet about the dangers of not using heartworm meds. I wonder: am I making a sucker's decision, ruled by fear for my pet's safety; or am I making a wise decision? Our vet assured me he hasn't seen any heartworm preventive-related health problems in dogs, even older dogs, so I guess it will be okay.

Our vet's office requested a stool sample so I brought that too. I'm always worried about Gracie picking up parasites from animals that pass through our yard (click here to see my post about that). Although Gracie tested negative for parasites I agreed to give her Heartgard Plus this year instead of regular Heartgard. In addition to protecting a dog from heartworm disease, Heartgard Plus treats and controls ascarid (roundworm) and hookworms infections. I strongly suspect I'm over medicating my dog and that regular Heartgard would have been enough. However, it's hard not to defer to the opinion of "experts." I do trust our vet.

I gave Gracie her first Heartgard dose May 26. The vet's office gave me enough for seven doses but I will only give her three more this year: at the end of June, July and August. That should provide Gracie with protection against heartworm infection through September.

***UPDATE: I changed my above plan. Click here to see my August 31, 2010 post and find out why.

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