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April 6, 2010

Flea Treatment --- Yes Or No?

I've decided to try avoiding Gracie's flea treatment drops this year.
I know fleas, ticks and mosquitoes can cause health problems but I don't like the idea of applying such strong poison to my dog's skin.

When I've used flea drops I always used the Hartz brand and only for three months in the summer. It's kept Gracie flea-free, but it always bothered me to put poisonous pesticides on my healthy dog's skin! I know it's a case of choosing to take the bad with the good for an overall benefit. I can tell Gracie doesn't like the flea drops at all. She always cowers when I come toward her with the open vial. It must sting, burn or hurt her in some way and it makes me feel so guilty. In recent years I've put the drops on her back in the early morning and then given her a bath in the evening. It's always worked fine.

Last spring I resolved not to give Gracie any flea treatment. In the summer I was compelled to when I found a single dead flea in the bathtub after giving her a bath. I guess even very clean dogs can get fleas!

I'm hoping I won't have to use the drops on Gracie this year if I brush her everyday, bathe her every seven to 10 days, and check her for fleas regularly. We'll see. I'll update this post if I run into any problems.

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