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August 24, 2010

Sure Fit Slipcovers --- Pet Covers

When we first adopted Gracie we decided she wouldn't be allowed on any of the furniture. Not on the couch. Not on our bed. Well, that didn't last long.

As we fell in love with her, and she with us, we wanted to be close to each other all the time. One of the great pleasures in life is cuddling up with a beloved dog. Especially while watching TV or reading in bed. And it's so cozy to lay your feet next to a warm, furry dog on a cold winter's night!

Now Gracie's allowed to sit on the couch whenever she wants to. At first I covered the couch with throws or old blankets to protect it from dirt and odors. The throws and blankets never stayed on properly and always looked terrible. I soon discovered Sure Fit slipcovers. They looked a little better but were a bit of a pain to put on. The slipcovers made of stretchy material took the most work to put on but they looked much neater.

I recently visited the Sure Fit website and learned they now sell Pet Throw Covers for sofas. I bought one because it was described on the website as, "100 percent cotton." It was on sale, plus they offered a 15 percent promotional discount. After I sat on it I realized it's not, "100 percent cotton." I called the company and was told it's a cotton front only. The backing is a synthetic material. I couldn't return it because I'd already washed it.

Unfortunately, the pet Throw Cover doesn't fully cover the part of the sofa Gracie likes to sit on most --- the end. It's not quite long enough. In order to protect that part of the sofa I have to make sure there's a pillow there for Gracie to lean on. Yet even with the pillow in place, part of the couch remains exposed. Here's a photo of Gracie testing out the new Pet Throw:

Another downside to the Sofa Pet Throw Cover is that it looks very rumpled when anyone --- dog or human --- sits on it. It might work for you if your dog prefers lounging in the middle of your sofa only. 
I think I'll try covering my sofa with a blanket again. Or maybe two --- one for the arms and seat and one for the back. That might provide more coverage and look neater. I'll use the Pet Throw Cover in my car when I take Gracie for a ride.

**** August 30, 2010 POST EDIT & UPDATE: After using the Sure Fit Sofa Pet Throw Cover for a while I don't recommend it. As soon as you sit on it, the back and sides slip down and the sofa back and arms become uncovered. The bottom section bunches up easily too. It's no better looking than an old blanket and you'll get better coverage from a blanket. And after only a few washings, the synthetic threads from the backing poked through the cotton front. I'll stick to covering my sofa with a blanket or quilt.

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