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September 22, 2009

"Pet Food Nation"

"Pet Food Nation," by Joan Weiskopf
Copyright 2007

Doggie Chef Rating:
3 out of 5 bones

This book is good for new Doggie Chefs. It was published in 2007, after the commercial pet food recall. Pets were sickened by food containing wheat gluten contaminated with melamine and pet owners were scared. The author does a good job of introducing readers to the merits of homemade pet food diets.

Like other books on the subject, the author informs readers about dog nutrition, food groups and sources, and ingredient labeling. There’s also a brief chapter on why the author doesn’t recommend raw food diets. Another chapter called, “Basic Recipes for Dogs,” contains several recipes that might be helpful to new Doggie Chefs.

The introduction was my least favorite part of the book. It almost turned me off to reading further. I felt like the author was trying too hard to convince me she's a credible source. It seemed so unnecessary. Weiskopf is a Doggie Chef! She cooks for her dogs and tells others how to in her book. It seems to me if her pets are healthy, happy and long-lived, she doesn’t need to explain her credentials or make excuses for any she doesn't have.

This book does contain some useful information for Doggie Chefs.

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