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May 19, 2009

Stuffed Animal Toys

When I adopted Gracie a neighbor visited and brought over a small stuffed animal toy to welcome my dog to her new home. Within a few days Gracie pulled the eyes off the toy but would do no further damage to it for months. Instead she carried it around and snuggled it when she slept. One day she happily tore it open and pulled all the stuffing out. She continued carrying around and snuggling the empty shell for a long time, even after I got her new stuffed toys to play with.

Gracie enjoys pulling apart stuffed animal toys like the ones shown in the above photo. She does it a little at a time, over the course of several days; usually when I'm relaxing in bed reading and she's laying next to me. Or when we're watching a movie. She likes to pull out all the stuffing and any squeakers hidden inside a toy, but she never swallows anything. She just shakes her head from side to side and spits it all out of her mouth. After that she'll carry the unstuffed toy shell around or snuggle it while she's sleeping for several weeks. The picture below shows a stuffed animal shell Gracie carried around and slept with for about two months.

The remarkable thing is that Gracie has never pulled apart or bothered with stuffed animal toys in the house that don't belong to her. She seems to know if the toy wasn't specifically given to her to play with, it's off limits.

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